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About Us

  Jennifer Casas received her Zumba certification in 2006 and started her first class at Pure Platinum Fitness in

Kingsville, Texas. What started out by "what's ZUMBA?!" turned into a craze that would change Jennifer's life.

Jennifer continued to teach Zumba Fitness classes in Kingsville from 2006-2008.  In 2008, she relocated to

Corpus Christi and started her first Zumba class May 5, 2008 at The Dance Center in Corpus Christi, TX. 

Again people asked, "what's ZUMBA?!"... classes went from 15 people to double that the following week due

to word of mouth and success of women actually shedding up to 9lbs in just that one week! Shortly after,

Jennifer was joined by her mother, Esmeralda Megee.  Jennifer and Esmie (Esmeralda) where then known as

the Mother and Daughter team. What started for the mother daughter team as 30 people a class grew to over

120 people a class. ZuMama Fitness LLC was founded December 2009.  It now consists of 7 certified Zumba

instructors. All our Instructors have at one time been our students which makes our team very special in

technique and drive! And all of them have their own success story with ZuMama Fitness.


We here at ZuMama Fitness take pride in what we do for our customers and will continue to do our best in

serving them and our community in bettering their health and their weight loss challenges




"To educate, motivate, support and inspire our clients as they improve upon their lives through exercise

and healthy living."